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Call Me the Cookie Monster

Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap. Remember? I talked about it here. Well, I took advantage of being home for Thanksgiving to bake my little heart out for other cookie lovers of the nation. I’ll talk more about the other cookie lovers later. But for now, we’re going to talk about me. And what I did with a few ingredients. 

When it all boils down to the basics though, we’re not talking about me at all. In fact, we will just be talking about how apples, pecans and oats can mix with sugar, butter and a few other ingredients to form b l i s s

wet ingredients + dry ingredients= good dough.

wet ingredients + dry ingredients + extra love (aka pecans and apples) = great, unbelievable, addictive, make-my-mouth-water dough!

Regardless of how many mounds of this dough I ate, we were still able to get 2 dozen + 2 cookies to send to other bloggers and enjoy for ourselves!



Hopefully these were just as good after they cooled off and traveled a few miles! I definitely enjoyed them when they were warm. The recipe for these Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies was from JoyTheBaker. 

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